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    About Us

    ● For over 25 years, Biscayne Electric Motor and Pump, Inc. has been in the business of selling and repairing all makes and models of electric motors and pumps to both residential and commercial customers. Biscayne Electric Motor is a family run corporation dedicated to dependable, quality service.

    ● Biscayne Electric Motor prides itself in doing all work on the premises. Our facility is capable of both rewinding and machine work. If you need your repair in a hurry, Biscayne Electric Motor can provide you with EMERGENCY SERVICE. In addition, Biscayne Electric carries a wide variety of new pumps and motors. Our fully qualified staff is trained to assist both the homeowner and commercial business with all of their motor and pump needs.

    ● Biscayne Electric is conveniently located south of Golden Glades Interchange, just west of U.S. 441 on N.W. 144th Street. It is easily accessible from I-95, U.S. 441, and the Palmetto Expressway. Come by and see us!

    Commercial Services

    ●Biscayne Electric Motor provides commercial business with on-site diagnostic services, coat analysis, and the removal, repair and reinstallation of all makes and models of electric motors, pumps, and mechanical equipment. Though too numerous to list, below are some of the services Biscayne Electric Motor provides:

    • Lift Stations Cleaners
    • Fountain Pumps
    • Irrigation Pumps
    • Domestic Water Systems
    • Control
    • Pumps
    • Commercial Pools
    • Conveyors
    • Gear Boxes
    ● Additionally, Biscayne Electric Motor has machine shop capabilities. Biscayne Electric Motor's ability to do all work on the premises makes it possible to provide companies with EMERGENCY SERVICE! In fact, many repairs can be completed in 24 hours or less. Service, quality, and dependability is our motto. For more information or a no obligation quote, contact us at 305.681.8171 or simply E-mail us.

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